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The U.S. justice system is not perfect, and many criminal and civil cases require an appeal to a higher court for review. Sometimes trial courts make mistakes, offer incorrect rulings on evidence or other matters, or sometimes a case is sent to the wrong court. If you believe your criminal case deserves a second look, speak to a knowledgeable criminal and civil appeals attorney as soon as possible.

Experienced Wisconsin Appellate Representation On Your Side

I, Roberta A. Heckes, have over 20 years of appellate experience and am a board member of the State Bar of Wisconsin Appellate Practice Section, as well as a member of the American Bar Association Appellate section. I represent clients in appeals in both state and federal courts, and have handled hundreds of appellate/post-conviction relief cases for criminal defendants, including several Wisconsin Court of Appeals published cases.

I take pride in vigorously defending my clients’ rights and have a long-standing record of success with correcting improper sentences. My experience as a Wisconsin appellate lawyer taught me the complexities of the appeals process, and I will work hard to obtain the best possible results for you or a family member.

Do not hesitate to assert your right to appeal. Contact my law office online today or call 888-703-2826 for an appointment.

Protecting Your Best Interests In State And Federal Appellate Courts

My primary goal is to overturn the conviction or to correct  errors from trial court proceedings through the appellate process. I will work hard to protect your legal rights by reviewing your case, listening to your concerns and working toward a favorable outcome.

I understand that appeals always an uphill battle. However, this does not deter me from assuring that my clients’ rights were protected at the circuit court level, and I firmly believe any wrongs must be remedied as soon as possible. To do so, I will carefully analyze your case, from the start until the final judgment was entered.

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