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CDL Violation? Don’t Take Chances With Your Job.

A speeding ticket or other traffic violation can put a trucker’s commercial driver’s license (CDL) at risk. Speeding violations and other traffic charges, including equipment violations, can put a driver’s financial security in jeopardy, as well as negatively affect the rest of his or her career as a professional driver. If you are a trucker who received a traffic ticket while driving in Wisconsin, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense and traffic attorney to help you protect your driving record and your future on the road.

I, Roberta A. Heckes, am a knowledgeable commercial driver and traffic violations defense attorney with over 20 years of success defending drivers against traffic charges. I have helped many truck drivers retain their CDLs and am ready to aggressively defend the way you provide for yourself and your family.

If you need immediate assistance with a traffic and CDL-related issue, call me at 888-703-2826 to discuss your situation and learn how I can help.

Traffic Violations Representation for Commercial Drivers Throughout Wisconsin

Any traffic or equipment violation issued to a commercial driver is a far greater concern than it is for other drivers. As a former truck driver, I am uniquely qualified to understand that semi-truck drivers rely upon their rigs to make a living, especially owner-operators. Whether a citation is issued by an overly aggressive Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspector, you receive a speeding citation in a construction zone, receive a reckless driving (especially for drivers hauling hazardous materials) citation, the penalty can be quite severe and could hurt your ability to continue driving your truck.

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In Wisconsin, 12 points on a driver’s record is sufficient to suspend his or her license. In addition, certain traffic offenses are considered CDL disqualifying offenses and can also affect the driver’s CSA rating. As a result, anyone who depends on his or her CDL cannot afford not to contact me to help them with their case. I handle not only speeding cases, but I fight zealously for drivers who received tickets for potential CDL disqualification offenses or tickets that violate company safety policies that could cause a driver to lose his or her job.

Here are what past satisfied clients have had to say about my representation of truck drivers in Wisconsin

“Thank you so much for doing what you’ve done, not for me but for the peace of mind and ease it gave my wife so she didn’t have to worry about me being “stuck” out on the road.”–From Scott, a trucker

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