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Helping Drivers Challenge Traffic Violations

Traffic citations can quickly impact your life, leading to hefty fines and potentially limiting your ability to drive. These citations can be instantly compounded if you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and can cost you your job and livelihood. When charged with a traffic violation, regardless of its severity, you may be well-served to consult an experienced Wisconsin trucking violations lawyer.

Defense For Drivers Of Commercial Trucks

As a former truck driver and CDL driving instructor, I understand the fears and penalties associated with traffic violations. With the knowledge and experience from over 20 years of practice, I am confident in addressing traffic violations for truck drivers and private drivers, including:

  • Speeding
  • Logbooks
  • Equipment violations
  • Overweight violations
  • Improper lane changes
  • Failure to yield
  • Reckless driving
  • Agricultural commercial motor vehicles

I will travel throughout the state to help you resolve your legal issue. Also, many CDL traffic violation cases can be handled over the phone without the need to go into court or visit my office. Please call 888-703-2826 to learn about your options for putting your traffic violation behind you.

Personalized Attention To Your Specific Citation

We can meet at a local truck stop or restaurant to discuss your traffic defense needs. I will take the time to understand your charges, the events leading to them and your goals in addressing them. Following a thorough examination of the traffic stop, I offer detailed advice tailored to your unique situation while providing the information you need to make the strongest defense decisions possible.

Throughout the process, I strive to protect your CDL or private driver’s license from unnecessary points and insurance rate hikes. My knowledge of the Interstate 43 and Highway 41 speed traps and police habits along these routes allows me to provide added insight into your traffic violations.

Traffic Citations —  Notable Results

An online article written by Rick Romell stated that “drivers with the worst records of hours violations, inspection problems and accidents will find it difficult…to keep working,” whereas “the safest drivers…will find their services in high demand, potentially pushing up their wages.” I keep this knowledge in mind with every client I serve. Your driving record is vital to your professional success as a truck driver.

I have successfully resolved traffic violation issues such as:

  • Saved a California owner-operator’s job after he was cited for failing to yield resulting in a traffic collision
  • Amended a driver’s illegal U-turn charge to a zero-point ordinance violation that prevents the driver from immediate termination by his employer
  • Amended a speeding violation to a non-moving traffic violation
  • Avoided a six-month mandatory CDL suspension by negotiating an inattentive driving charge to a zero-point, non-traffic violation

Contact My Office For Zealous Traffic Ticket Defense

I have gained an affinity for representing truck drivers facing traffic citations. My experience and passion for providing detailed, aggressive defense for truck drivers have earned me a reputation for standing up for CDL carriers and private drivers.

Contact my office online or call 888-703-2826 to discuss your traffic violation defense needs today.