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Notable Cases

  1. California owner-operator on lease-purchase plan with major truckload carrier cited for failure to yield at stoplight in Wisconsin that resulted in traffic collision. Driver faced loss of truck and job if convicted for failure to yield, as well as conviction for a potential CDL disqualifying offense. Worked with driver’s safety manager to find acceptable resolution and zealously negotiated with district attorney for failure to signal citation with fine. Driver did not lose his job or his truck.
  2. Brothers engaged in physical confrontation. Client charged with felony strangulation, battery and disorderly conduct. Vigorously negotiated settlement with district attorney for dismissal of felony strangulation and battery. Case resolved with plea to disorderly conduct and fine.
  3. Court of Appeals reversed trial court’s decision that client needed 24-hour protective placement under Chapter 55. Client is now able to be reunited with his family.
  4. Truck driver received citation from Wisconsin State Patrol Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer for potential CDL disqualifying offense. Negotiated settlement to non-CDL disqualifying offense.
  5. Client received ordinance violation citation for disorderly conduct. After negotiations with village attorney, charge dismissed.
  6. Young man charged with multiple traffic and ordinance violations in several municipalities, including Operating While Intoxicated and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Dangerous Weapon and Speeding. Successfully resolved all charges, including dismissals and amendments. Client did not lose driver’s license and successfully entered military service because of negotiations and stipulated settlements.
  7. Stay-at-home dad charged with felony child abuse. After thorough investigation, including medical expert, client received a one-year Deferred Conviction Agreement.
  8. Husband charged with felony strangulation in domestic dispute. Charge reduced to misdemeanor with one year probation and no jail time condition. Vigorous investigation and zealous negotiations with district attorney resulted in favorable resolution.
  9. Client appealed from two cases for multiple circuit court convictions for burglary and bail jumping. Court of Appeals dismissed all convictions against client because of circuit court errors.
  10. Client charged with disorderly conduct. After reviewing the complaint and filing motion, the court dismissed the charge at Initial Appearance.
  11. Client charged with two cases for alleged violation of a restraining/harassment order. After thorough investigation, motions filed in the circuit court, and diligent negotiations with the district attorney, all charges dismissed.
  12. Client charged with felony battery. After investigation and negotiating with the district attorney, charges were dismissed.
  13. Client charged with obstructing an officer. After thorough review of case and negotiations, the district attorney dismissed the charges.
  14. Client charged with disorderly conduct as repeat offender (potential prison sentence). After thorough investigation and negotiation, charge amended to an ordinance violation and a minimal fine.
  15. Client charged with battery, disorderly conduct, witness intimidation and false imprisonment, each charge as a repeat offender. After my investigation, including medical expert, the charges were limited to disorderly conduct as repeat offender.
  16. Client charged with burglary and solicitation of a child. After thorough review, my investigation, and motions filed in the circuit court, all charges dismissed by the circuit court because of police violation of client’s Miranda rights during interrogation.
  17. Client charged with OWI third offense. Case investigated and went to jury trial, client found not guilty.
  18. Client charged with felony child abuse. After my investigation, the district attorney dismissed the charges.
  19. Client charged with disorderly conduct. After my investigation, the charges were dismissed by the district attorney.
  20. Client charged with cocaine possession. After my investigation and suppression motion filed in circuit court, the court dismissed the charges based on improper police tactics and the illegal vehicle search when law enforcement stopped the client.

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